A matter of perspective!

Geese playing in mud and eating

A matter of perspective!

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Different perspectives

As I was driving away this morning from my workout, I was struck by these geese playing in this construction site. Yesterday, it rained for a few minutes and created this mudpile. The parents and the newborn were right at home. It was like heaven to them. Water to drink from the puddles, bugs and worms were everywhere. Their web feet made it easy for them to maneuver well.

To me, it was a dirty, muddy place that was to be avoided at all cost. In fact, there was a yellow caution tape to keep automobiles and/or people out of the construction. For us humans, it was off-limits, but to those geese, it was a playground and food. I guess it’s just a difference in perspective.

Foolishness or power

In the world there are humans, God’s created beings. There are basically believers or non-believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The cross to the believer is the irrefutable evidence of God’s love, grace, mercy and only means of eternal salvation. As the scripture points out, the message of the cross to those who are non-believers, those who are perishing, it is utter foolishness. There are those who play in the mud and those who avoid the mud.

So, what camp are you in? One who views the cross casually, maybe skeptically, or one who rests in Jesus’ work on the cross as your only means of a victorious life, now and for eternity? What’s your perspective; foolishness or power?

Written by Bill C. Dotson

Article Notes:
Scriptures taken from the NIV.

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